Maitreya a Telugu community support group was launched on the Sunday, 24th September at Oakleigh Hall. Groups currently will function from East, West, South & Northern parts of Melbourne region of our ever-growing Telugu community. Run with the support of Volunteer coordinators from each region to list group activities and sessions that aligns with community interests and preferences.

 The name Maitreya is derived from the Sanskrit word maitrī “friendship.”

“Maitreya” symbol represents collaborative thinking to further drive community member engagement and build a support framework that enhances togetherness and care.

  • “Group” represents togetherness and care
  • Yellow for happiness, hope and spontaneity.
  • Green for harmony, optimism and hope.
  • White background is purity and perfection.
  • Blue circle is for stability, inspiration and serenity.
  • Orange is enthusiasm and agreeableness.

The platform is to form likeminded groups, share skill or a knowledge, fun activities, help community members in need, meet new members, support each other and to network.

Telugu community members including visiting members to Victoria can also join these groups and maintain an active, healthy, and supported lifestyle that they deserve.

Reach out to any of TAAI EC member or fill up this form and we will get in touch with you