Australia Telugu Cultural & Community Centre (ATCCC)

Telugu Association of Australia Incorporated (TAAI) is a voluntary community organisation established in 1992 to bring together Telugu families living in the Greater Melbourne area, to foster friendships, celebrate Telugu language and culture, and provide support services to the community.

Over the years, the Telugu community has grown significantly due to the influx of IT professionals, engineers and doctors from India. Also, Victoria attracts a large number of Telugu students, from which a good ratio of them eventually become permanent residents.

TAAI now has a membership base of over 1000 people and the Telugu community is now at an important juncture and in need of a community and cultural Centre that we can call our common home. This centre will not only address our increasing cultural needs but also; showcase Telugu culture to local communities, exhibit migrant stories, preserve cultural artefacts and, most importantly, provide a platform for our future generations to stay connected with the literature, music and other art forms that represent Telugu language and culture.

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TAAI encourages every telugu life member to donate for our Telugu Bhavanam. ATCCC is a 100% Tax Deductible not-for-profit organisation.

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Your a gesture that not only ensures the sustainability of our mission but also provides you with the profound satisfaction of being a crucial part of this charitable endeavor.

Your support will echo through the halls of our cultural center, fostering a sense of belonging and pride among the Telugu Community.

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